Ken Annandale - Master FireWalk Facilitator

Ken Annandale Profile 01This exceptional team intervention is designed to bring about phenomenal change in attitudes, performance and co-operation. The FireWalk can be presented as a customised in-house event for 5 to 500 walkers with a team of 2 to 20 facilitators and firemakers. As a result, participants discover they can make an incredible difference at work, in the community and at home.  This results in life-changing decisions and action!

Our “Ignite The Fire Within” Experience has been featured on TV, in the print media and hosted in a range of venues ranging from the beach to the bush over the past 15 years,

Fire symbolises the limiting beliefs, fears and hindrances that prevent us from excelling.

As participants step onto the coals, they pass through the “gateway of fear” and learn to make fear their servant - rather than master.

This amazing 2 to 4 hour experience [depending on the numbers] has lasting benefits. Participants learn to singularly focus their minds, take absolute control of their thoughts and master their ability to attain “inconceivable” goals. It provides a highly personal reference point to what is humanly possible.

“Ignite The Fire Within” Firewalk 

with Ken & Nathan Annandale

By discovering we can walk unscathed across a bed of glowing coals, we are compelled to re-evaluate our personal and professional perceptions, challenges, thresholds and apprehensions.

Countless people realised these limiting beliefs are obstacles to their living satisfying and successful lives. This superb experience unlocks the doorway to the participant's full potential.

In short, their limiting beliefs are blown away and replaced by tangible “delimiting” convictions and action. This accelerated deep bonding process is perfect for sales and leadership teams and has been known to revitalise organisations and individuals alike.

This extraordinary FireWalk will generate group bonding faster than any other team building process, ensure deep and lasting enthusiasm and accelerate personal empowerment.

The entire exercise is totally voluntarily and participation in such is representative of the individual's accepting full responsibility for their actions and or any or all consequences. A signed indemnity will be required of all participants.

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