"If the Brave do not lead, the timid will not follow. Be Brave!"

Movers, Shakers, Moaners & Groaners

With over 25,000 copies in circulation, Ken's motivational best-seller has been updated and includes new guidelines for living a balanced life!

  • You know a great life awaits you but are frustrated with your results so far? Right?
  • You want big dreams, a clear purpose, a plan of action and memorable results? Yes?
  • Then welcome to "Movers, Shakers, Moaners & Groaners", a guide to success and significance.

Making "Movers & Shakers" is a 100% leadership role.

Ken provides priceless motivational insights and inspiration in his best-seller "Movers, Shakers, Moaners & Groaners". With honesty and understanding, Ken has made a significant difference in so many lives, with his challenge to become a "Mover and Shaker" and kick the habit of "Moaning & Groaning".
In this book, Ken reveals the "secrets" of finding your purpose; using your survival kit; discarding paralyzing prohibitive perceptions and living your dreams. With a refreshing comprehension of the personalities types, he challenges you to having "big balls"; create a personal mission statement; grow a winning attitude; celebrate diversity and live a significant life!

One of South Africa’s foremost success coaches, Ken has shared his ideas and experiences with thousands at seminars, conventions and meetings. He has assisted people to work, manage and sell better. His advice has helped individuals prosper, become leaders, find greater happiness and build better relationships.
This book will show you how to quit the weary world of "Moaning & Groaning" and challenge you, to enter the land of the "Mover & Shaker".

Price $15.00 [R250.00] including courier in South Africa. Bulk order rates on request.