FireWalking, Team Building & Motivational Talks

"Ignite the Fire Within" FireWalk

has been featured on TV, in the print media and hosted in a range of venues ranging from the beach to the bush over the past 20 years. Fire symbolises the limiting beliefs, fears and hindrances that prevent us from excelling.
As participants step onto the coals, they pass through the “gateway of fear” and learn to make fear their servant - rather than master. This amazing 2 to 4 hour experience [depending on the numbers] has lasting benefits. Participants learn to singularly focus their minds, take absolute control of their thoughts and master their ability to attain “inconceivable” goals. It provides a highly personal reference point to what is humanly possible.

"Movers & Shakers, Moaners & Groaners" Talk

Noshcon 05

This 60 - 90 minute key-note address is based on Ken's popular book "Movers & Shakers, Moaners & Groaners".  It was written for today! It was written for the sales person whose results have disappeared and the entrepreneur whose team is disintegrating.  It was written for the disappointed, disenchanted and despondent. 60-90 minutes with Ken will restore hope, direction and desire. It will help them bounce back, again and again. Your delegates will receive power-packed inspiration from one who has "been there done that and got the tattoo". Each delegate will receive a goal-setting ball and can receive a copy of "Movers & Shakers, Moaners & Groaners" to keep the inspiration going.

"De-limiting Adventures" Team Activities

Trentyre_6997Help your team become self-motivated winners. The principles are presented in dynamic sessions, integrated with the universal elements of inter-dependence, trust, honesty and commitment. Perfect for your sales,  management and production teams. Participative interventions teach the art of communication, problem solving, mutual understanding, trust and respect. The sessions are customized according to your needs and include dynamic team games. Each builds on the other, with an overriding emphasis on partnerships, responsibility and accountability. Active participation is encouraged.